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Thursday, July 25, 2024


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Wellness is both a spiritual and phisical condition.
The beauty of Villa Pacinotti, the serenity of its rural location and its quiet atmosphere, filled with the sounds of nature, like the chirping of birds and crickets, all contribute to recreating a harmony between ourselves and the world around us.

When man's intervention is not guided by principles in accordance with traditional experience and wisdom, it can often cause irreparable damage.
So, in order not to disrupt the delicate harmony of nature, we have adopted biological farming methods that are respectful of the ecosystem.

During the process of restoring the farmhouse we have respected the spirit of the original builders and inhabitants, keeping and recuperating all that was possible to keep and recuperate, and rebuiding only what was necessary with traditional old materials.

The finishing materials are truly ecological: slake lime putty to paint the walls, natural wax to treat the earthen floor, and vegetable oil paints for the doors and the window frames.

All these practices also contribute to the welness of the guests - a detoxifying change from pollution of the crowded cities where we live.

Respect for the environment starts with oneself: respect yourself, please,



villa pacinotti

An oasis of peace in the tuscan countryside

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If you are visiting this website  you will  probably be curious to learn more about this place… 
This is a little paradise!” we often hear our guests say when they first come here.


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